Development of renewable energy projects and other selected industrial activities
Solar Energy

The professional background and track record of the Aurea Capital Partners team in the business of project development has positioned our company as a relevant player in this arena, with a growing portfolio of utility scale projects.

Our team has the experience and capabilities required to develop projects from greenfield to commercial operation.

We currently focus our development activities in Spain, where we operate through joint ventures with experienced local partners.

Renewable Gas

Aurea Green Gass is fully devoted to greenfield projects development related to manure and other livestock waste management, to produce biomethane and/or electricity.

Our strategy is to create environmental and social value with Aurea Green Gass waste treatment, green gas, biomethane and/or electricity production, allowing local farmers and cooperatives to take a stake in the plants, and supporting circular economy in the area.

In this manner, local farmers and ranchers secure the ability to dispose their waste as per applicable regulation, fostering win-win relationships.

Aurea Green Gass

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