Management of investments throughout their lifecycle

Aurea Capital Investment Management S.G.E.I.C., S.A. is a collective investment institution created by Aurea Capital Partners, S.L, and registered in 2020. Aurea Capital´s deep knowledge of our target sectors combined with our extensive technical and financial capabilities to invest, manage and divest, offers our investors risk-adjusted and sustainable returns in line with their expectations.

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Target Sectors

Our investments are focused primarily in Spain, on assets requiring active and specialized management:
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Selected industrial sectors
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Hotel industry and tourism
  • Sustainable Oil & Gas
  • Medical and Pharma
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The strategy is to reach €15bn by 2030 invested in three main themes:
  • Aurea Renewable Energy – investing in renewable energy focused on EU countries with a diversified energy assets portfolio that leads to balanced risk – returns metrics, with the aim of obtaining stable cash flows for our participants while contributing to a greener future.
  • Aurea Sustainable Agriculture - pioneer vehicle investing in Real Assets in the Agricultural industry in Europe. It is targeting a diversified portfolio of Farms and Agribusiness companies in Europe that offers uncorrelated, attractive returns and substantial revaluation potential through the introduction of optimization tools and modern management techniques.
  • Aurea Small and Medium Enterprises Industrial Fund (SMEIF). - SMEIF is an Investment Fund focused on EU countries, made up of small & medium size Consumer Goods Packed companies directed to retail that are reference in their market segments.
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Investment growth and value

Aurea Capital is a reputable player in renewable energy, infrastructures and selected industries, capable of generating a wide range of investment opportunities in our target sectors.
Our unique position in the project development arena feeds a substantial pipeline of new projects to continue growing our assets under management.
Throughout the lifetime of the investment, we ensure that societal, capital and debt structures are optimum to achieve or exceed our investor´s expected risk-based return, including:
  • Equity and debt structuring/restructuring
  • Tax optimization
  • Mergers
  • Assets and investments portfolio consolidation and optimization
  • Divestment and capital roll-overs
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Financial reporting and forecasting

We provide our investors with regular information about the status of the assets and investments under management, as well as the associated distributions and performance forecasting.
At Aurea Capital Partners we strive for transparency, keeping continued contact with our investors, to clarify and provide information with the level of detail that our investors require at all times.
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Investment management

We believe that excellence in asset management is key for investment performance and operation in full conformance with all applicable norms and regulations. For this reason, asset management activities are the cornerstone of Aurea Capital Partners’ long term strategy.
At Aurea Capital Partners, each Portfolio Manager has a full and deep knowledge of all specificities of the assets under their responsibility, among others:
  • Permits, licenses and authorizations
  • Contractors
  • Contracts and agreemen
  • Applicable laws, regulations and norms
  • Technical requirements
To support our asset management activities, Aurea Capital Partners has set up a partnership with a specialized provider of asset management tools, to develop a customized version of the platform, which ensures data quality and integrity, and reliability of financial and technical information.

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