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Aurea Capital Investment Management

What is ACIM? Our investment style

Aurea Capital Investment Management (ACIM), created in 2020 and 100% owned by Aurea Capital Partners, offers a range of investment strategies and funds for institutional and retail investors. 

ACIM specialises in the management of Real Assets and impact investments. Currently, we invest in Renewable Energies via the Aurea Renewable Energy I Capital Risk Fund, as well as in Sustainable Agriculture via the Aurea Sustainable Agriculture European Capital Risk Fund.

ACIM’s objective is to offer both institutional and professional investors sustainable returns that are adjusted to risk according to the expectations of the company’s target sectors, thanks to its technical and financial capacity to develop, originate, invest, manage and disinvest.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies are already the present when it comes to the transformation toward an energy model based on clean, durable and stable sources of energy in terms of supply and that are competitive when it comes to cost.

Investment in their rollout is necessary so that the EU can leave behind other, more contaminating sources and firmly advance toward the Energy Transition.

ACIM invests in renewable energies in European countries via the Aurea Renewable Energy Fund (ARE Fund)

AREF, our renewable energy fund

Sustainable Agriculture

In Spain, agriculture is a key sector for the economy, one that is going through a genuine revolution characterized by technological transformation and the improvement in productivity.

Investment in sustainable agriculture offers, in our opinion, a very interesting long-term opportunity, with very attractive returns, decorrelated from the financial markets and sustainable over time. But what’s more, the agricultural sector offers huge potential for the generation of wealth in the form of creation and retention of employment in rural areas, the reduction of the environmental impact of agricultural holdings, as well as the modernization and sophistication of local economies via investment in technology and innovation applied to the countryside.

The profitability of the revaluation of land combined with the attractive returns expected from the exploitation of the same offer a clear, stable and resilient investment opportunity in the face of volatility and independently of the economic cycle.

ACIM invests in agricultural assets in EU countries via the Aurea Sustainable Agriculture Fund (ASAF)

ASAF, our sustainable agriculture fund

We must ensure that investment in global food systems is appropriate and money is well spent. Investment must drive innovation to create new, viable and sustainable ways of producing food.

Commission for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (CoSAI), FAO