Aurea Renewable Energy Fund I

A fund that invests in the renewable energy sector, with the ambition of contributing to the transition toward clean and efficient sources of energy.

The Aurea Renewable Energy Fund (AREF) is a Capital Risk Fund focused on investment in renewable energy in European countries. The fund counts on an asset portfolio that optimizes the risk-return trade-off, allowing participants to obtain stable cash flows and thus contribute to the generation of an ever-more sustainable energy mix. Our investment proposal is based on acquiring regulated brownfield assets as well as greenfield assets with market risk to achieve a mixed portfolio with a 50% cash flow. The Fund is seeking to obtain attractive, stable and sustainable returns over time, and establish attractive profitability targets above 10%.

The Fund’s main investment objective consists of acquiring majority shareholdings in companies dedicated to the development, promotion, participation and/or commercialization of renewable energy production plants via sources of photovoltaic solar energy generation, principally, and alternatively other renewable infrastructure, such as wind, gas from renewable origins, green hydrogen, energy storage or the recovery of organic waste for the production of fuels (known as “Waste to Energy” and/or “Waste to Fuel”).

The maximum investment period is five years, and the Fund’s target size is €500 million.

Characteristics of the Fund

Capital Risk Fund
10 years, extendable for a maximum of 2 more years
Without liquidity window
Investment period
5 years


Management fee
According to Class and Investor type, from 1%
Success fee
20% of excess yield over a profitability from 6%
Depositary fee
9 pbs, Banco Inversis
Minimum investment