The Aurea Style

Our essence is ground-breaking: we detect global trends and we become the strategic allies of our investors to help them to achieve their objectives via sustainable investment. The focus of our projects responds to rigorous criteria of risk control and the long-term creation of value.


We want to transform: we participate in the construction of new economic models based on the generation of positive impact and the balance between the protection of the planet, the satisfaction of human needs, and the return on investments.

We invest and participate in industries and businesses that we have a deep knowledge of, supported by internal and external teams with complementary interdisciplinary skills.

One of our premises is to work on the projects that we have a 100% belief in and in which we can add value via professional asset and project management.

Our process is based on identifying emerging trends in key sectors and generating unique business opportunities. We invest in all the phases of the life cycle of projects, making sure that all of them benefit from active, ethical, and professional management.

The four pillars of the “Aurea Style”
The generation of long-term sustainable economic value

We invest our own capital in the sectors that we believe in, getting ahead of trends.

We ensure the quality of assets, seeking unique opportunities and always with sustainability criteria.

We drive sectorial alliances with the best experts in each industry.

We participate in all of the development and management phases of projects, maintaining greater control over the life cycle of investments.

We effectively combine a complementary triple perspective: business management, asset management and sectorial alliances. This focus makes it possible for financial decisions to always be accompanied by careful attention on the particular characteristics and needs for each of the projects we invest in.