Who We Are

Sustainable investment and Real Assets management

We count on extensive international experience in the field of sustainable investments and renewable energies.

Via sustainable investment, our objective is to develop new economic models based on the basic principles of the Circular Economy:

  • Preserve and improve natural capital
  • Optimise the use of resources
  • Promote the efficiency of production systems

We become strategic allies of our investors to help them to achieve their objectives, prioritising social responsibility, environmental commitments and technological innovation.

We always carry this out with a focus on the long term, under rigorous criteria of risk control and the creation of value.

Our mission is to convert capital into returns for our investors and into a positive impact for society and the environment.

We operate with a clear focus on the generation of long-term value for our investors while delivering a strong social and environmental commitment, guaranteeing transparent professional management, which is aligned with our values.

Our responsibility as a company goes beyond the generation of financial returns: we want to leave a genuine mark on the world.

Our growth in the market has been possible thanks to our innovative DNA, our personal and professional commitment and the trust of our partners and clients, who share our vision of the future.

We are backed by more than 150 years of joint experience in banking and finance, engineering and construction, asset management, investment management, private equity and operational and financial corporate restructuring.