Aurea Green Gass

Organic waste management for the production of renewable-origin gas (biogas and biomethane).

Aurea Green Gass develops, constructs, and manages facilities that, through the management of organic waste, produce renewable-origin gas. Through this process, we avoid uncontrolled methane emissions into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect.

In doing so, we create environmental and social value by enabling farmers and cooperatives to participate in the facilities and support the circular economy.

Business Model

We rely on circular economy strategies, which involve reusing, recycling, and enhancing the value of waste generated in production processes, transforming them into resources reintroduced into the value chain.

This model addresses two critical phases of a biorefinery: it secures the supply, ensuring that each plant will receive enough resources to operate at full capacity, and provides an outlet for waste by selling it as fertiliser.


We have a multidisciplinary team that combines business developers who identify ideal opportunities, an engineering team for the design and construction of projects, as well as the financial capabilities to carry them out.

We develop strategic partnerships from the conception of the opportunity, as well as in the analysis and implementation of various projects.