Aurea Green Gass

Management of livestock waste for the production of biomethane and electricity.

Aurea Green Gass is the development and management company of greenfield projects related to the management of livestock waste to produce biomethane and/or electricity. By obtaining it in this way, the uncontrolled production of methane is avoided as well as its emission into the atmosphere with a greenhouse gas effect.

We rely on circular economy strategies, which consist of reusing, recycling and enhancing the waste generated from production processes, transforming them into resources that are reintroduced into the value chain.

Business Model

The circular model solves two critical phases of a biorefinery: guaranteeing supply, ensuring that each plant will receive the sufficient resources in order to operate at full capacity; and providing a purpose for the waste, selling it in the market as a fertilizer.


Our objective is to create environmental and social value via the treatment of waste, the production of green gas and other biofuels that allow farmers and local cooperatives to participate in the plants and to support the circular economy.

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