Sustainable Agriculture

In Spain, the agricultural sector is a key driver of the economy undergoing a true revolution marked by technological transformation and productivity improvement.

Investment in sustainable agriculture offers an appealing long-term opportunity, with highly attractive returns, uncorrelated with financial markets, and sustainable over time. Additionally, the agricultural sector offers enormous potential for wealth generation in the form of job creation and retention in rural areas, reduction of the environmental impact of agricultural operations, as well as modernisation and sophistication of local economies through investment in technology and innovation applied to the field.

The profitability from land appreciation, combined with the attractive expected returns from their exploitation, presents a clear opportunity for stable and resilient investment, resistant to volatility and independent of the economic cycle.

We must ensure that investment in global food systems is appropriate and money is well spent. Investment must drive innovation to create new, viable and sustainable ways of producing food.

Commission for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (CoSAI), FAO

An agricultural sector in Europe undergoing transformation

Fragmented land ownership and lack of generational succession

Need for technological investment to enhance competitiveness

Our value proposition

At Aurea, we focus on the development and operation of high-value crops such as avocado, oranges, mandarins, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and berries, especially in Spain and Portugal. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we have operated over 6.000 hectares of cultivation.

We cover all investment needs: from identifying, studying, purchasing, converting, and managing the technical aspects of the estate, to marketing the final product, handling legal and administrative matters, and managing the project’s finances.

We apply sustainability criteria by promoting zero-waste and regenerative agriculture, as well as the preservation of native flora and fauna, and responsible water use.

We align with the investor’s objectives, working through long-term agreements to become their best partner and ally in Iberia. We have complete independence in selecting estates, crops, and inputs, placing us on the same decision-making level as the final investor.